Friday, April 13, 2012

A Look Underground

A look inside a slope, looking as it goes down.
This entry is going to compose of some of my underground shots I have taken. Now as I have stated in the past, exploring the coal mines is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS and I don't recommend anyone to do so. I do not encourage anyone to do so either. Deadly gases and chances of collapse can injury or kill you if you do so. So just enjoy these photos of the actual places where the coal was extracted from. Don't ask me where these photos were taken because I won't bother to reveal their locations.

Some supports inside of a low mine.

Some ice inside of a low mine. Some supports can be seen in the background.

Looking at a support that could be seen was a tree.

A look at a support. This is one of my favorite underground photos.

A look at a rock and the different layers of coal can be seen in it.

A look at another support.

Looking down a slope where it's flooded.
Looking at a doorway. To the left is a shaft that has been filled.

The other side of the doorway. The light that can be seen is the opening.

Inside a low mine looking towards the opening.

Looking outside of another mine. The blue thing that is outside is one of my friends who waited out there, just in case.

Looking at a support along a wall. The rocks laying around were part of the ceiling.

Looking down a mine with two stone walls. Further back are some rather bad rock falls and support posts not supporting anything.

Further down a mine, looking down towards the doorway that was pictured earlier.

Not the greatest quality, but this is of ice formations looking towards the opening.

A look at some rather large ice formations.
These photos are just some of the underground ones I have. In time I may update this entry with more photos. This next photo I'll go into more detail about it.

Looking into a mine with a pile of junk, like tires, thrown into it.
That last photo is of one of the mines to the Loomis Colliery. This one was blocked off but some time ago, it was discovered that it had opened up a bit so a grate was put in place on it.

An outside look at the same mine.
The above photo is what many mines look like these days. The purpose of the grates is for the bats that may live the old mines. Speaking of bats:

We found this little guy fast asleep in one of the mines. Not too far from this one was another small bat, fast asleep as well.

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